Where the world continues to spin, a dazzling array of stars and meteors and things which go “kabooshka” in the night

They do. If you are real quiet and it is real late in the night and you are staring at the sky AND if you are lucky, you will hear these things moving up, up, up in the sky. Going, “kaaaboooooshkaaaaa” in this whispery sorta voice.

True story.

I was just thinking that when it comes to made up languages, that maori chant which those new zealand people do before rugby matches – that is a good match. I mean, you can say any shit you want in that manner and it sounds pretty awesome.

Haayo kaa, maaowwww. Hooof, hooof

That is what I have been doing ever since the mother realised what I was saying whenever I would say, “suk-eeeee-toh” in this loud, shrill voice. Got some really dirty looks because of that.

I don’t think enough people value secret languages any more. No one really bothers to make up an entirely new language anymore. Usually, the words are evolutions or modifications of existing words. Lol, btw, wannabe, shawarma….etc etc.

Shawarma. Hmmmmmmmm. Yummy, yummy hot hot pita like bread wrapped around these chunks of juicy, freshly cut meat. Just boiling over with meat and some tangy vinegary carrots and chillies to make you go all pucccchh pucchhh in the mouth.

So delicious ya.

Its ramadan time motherfuckers. Time to go and belt me some kebabs and some patthar ka ghosht and be all, kya baa kidar ko tumm?

Sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole. Hello sexy, hi sexy kyu bole. Sang the demented beggar woman softly under her breath. All the time, tapping the windows of the shiny cars, begging and pleading for people to spare her some change.

Gahahahahhahahahahahahahah. Fuck kro, you are thoda mental only. No I am not. Yes I am. No you are not.

I love those scenes in Tom & Jerry when one of them hands the other a bomb, and then they keep on exchanging it and then Jerry suddenly snatches the bomb and keeps it, and Tom is like whatdafuk. And he snatches it back and looks all pleased with himself. And then kaboooom.

A lot of my life’s principles are based on Tom & Jerry episodes.

From now on, I solemnly swear to make this blog more interactive. yes, I may have promised this before but this time its for real. Yo shizzles for rizzles dawg. Tell me your thoughts na. Please na? Say na.

This is now going to be an information based online portal for those seeking salvation, a break from the mechanical world in which we now occupy. A soothing oasis of peace and tranquility where one can imbibe the wisdom of The Kro.

The Guru, the one who knows it all, The Kro. What are you looking for o tired wanderer?

And cut scene to:



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8 Responses to Where the world continues to spin, a dazzling array of stars and meteors and things which go “kabooshka” in the night

  1. Aditi Kumavat says:

    You evil genius… I secretly love you 😛

  2. Parama Ghosh says:

    “A lot of my life’s principles are based on Tom & Jerry episodes.”
    Congrats. You made my day again.
    Alos, same pinch. red touch. A lot of MY life’s principles are also based on Tom & Jerry episodes.

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