Where we decide to make sense, adding sens and eee’s to everything around us

It would be fun I suppose. To make sense. Make sense, lets talk about sense baby. Lets talk about you and me. Lets taalk abouuuuutttt it.


That song would not even raise one eyebrow (not even a unibrow) if it were to be released today. Would probably show up on the Cartoon Network morning songs session.  Have this lady (from the sex ed department) swinging her hands and clapping them, “Yes children, today we are going to talk about……SEX baby”

That actually makes a lot of sense.



In some alternative universe, Debra’s puppies are actually playing in the backyard, yapping and whining and being all puppy like.

I really like the idea of alternative universes. Now all I have to do is figure out a method of slipping from one universe to another. I mean I know it happens sometimes but I want to know how it happens and whether I can control it.

Switching from Universe alpha to Universe Beta. In 3, 2, 1…..swooosh.


Went for a baking course the other day where this dude taught us how to make 5 different kinds of breads. I thought it was pretty cool. And that whole kneading the bread bit is an awesome way to kill the stress. Belt the living daylights out of the dough.

Was made conscious (once again) of the fact that not everyone may appreciate my sense of humour.

So we are all belting the dough and this one lady is like, “hahaha This is how we women maintain our sanity at home” and I was like “what sanity” and she just gave me this total icy frikkin glare. I think her dough got really belted after that.

What else, what else.

Nothing ya, back to work ya.

To work we go, toodle doodle dum dee do

For making money is all we do, toodle doodle dum dee do

Don’t ask us what the money is for, toodle doodle dum dee do

How the fuck should we know, toodle doodle dum dee do


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