Where we realise that stupidity, along with recklessness and curiosity, have unfairly been given a bad name

Especially curiosity. I think curiosity has been dealt a particularly unfair hand when it comes to public perception. Curiosity killed the cat it seems. No it fucking did not. Nothing killed the cat cause (everyone knows) cats are immortal.

Fuck. Now thats an interesting theory. Immortal cats. There used to be that cartoon with cat people. And then of course there were the SwatKats as well.

So anyway, stupidity. I think it should be celebrated a bit more often. Sure you have the Americans but that is not enough. You must really learn to celebrate it, to cherish it, to look down upon intelligence and mock those with clear sight and vision. “Oooooo look at them. Soooo smart.” Or is that already happening?

Made a reservation for dinner under the name of Bruce Wayne. Felt so badass. Totally badass. I am like so frikkin badass.Booyakasha.

Thats what I say every time I just about make it through a signal. Like there are some 5 seconds remaining and I just squeeze in between the orange (sick sick) and scoot on. Booyakasha!

And then there is recklessness. Oh recklessness, why do you dessert me so often these days. Why don’t you brunch me instead (okay either I need to get checked or that also sounded super pervy in my head. You need to get checked – Ed)

Recklessness is like climbing on top of the cupboard and then jumping onto the bed cause you think you are Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Or going down an isolated highway in the middle of the night, turning of the lights and the engine and just cruising in the darkness. Recklessness is a way of finding out if you are living. Jumping into the pool in a pile of extra-loose swimming shorts. Oppa Caulkin style.

Cheh. A lot of my jokes are falling prey to time. Time, you bastard. Like just the other day, I made a reference to Dekh bhai dekh, and the recipient (of my awesome humour) was like eh? what you said? And I was like fukdisshit

I am tempted (oh so tempted) to write a story for kiddies but am (truly) afraid that I will spit some particularly fucked up shit. And then the toddler is going to be like Omen or something. Trying to kill his mother with an evil stare. Watching passively as the elevator  rises and falls, strangling the guy with his own tie.

See again. Omen sala. Who the fuck even remembers that fucking creepy kid. With those dark, sala wtf eyes. Omen. What was his name? Damien I think. “Damien, Father is here. Go hug him”

And then Father dies. Everyone dies.

I think all stories should end with that line. Like instead of “The End” it should be “Everyone dies”. For every single story, every single movie. Reinforce our own mortality cause I think (every now and then) we forget.


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4 Responses to Where we realise that stupidity, along with recklessness and curiosity, have unfairly been given a bad name

  1. Parama Ghosh says:

    You are awesome. Just when I was about to bang my head on the wall for rotting in office on a Saturday, I read this. Bingo!!

  2. woosterbert says:

    Cats are not immortal. They have 8 extra lives is all.

    • kroswami says:

      Tsk tsk. I see you have not yet accepted the truth. Go to youtube, type in “cats are immortal times 40 japan”. Understand.

      Also, obedience is baa-ahd (say it like that teacher in South Park)

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