Dude, clean my mind

Switched laptops with a friend.

Switched on new laptop.

First thought in my head, “Damn 2 inches really makes a difference”

Second thought……


There are times when chilly chicken + chicken biryani doesn’t cut it. Those times are rare but if you ever find yourself in such a situation (as I did the other day), stay calm and order a Chicken French Fry. You will get radioactive-orange pieces of chicken, fried and then smothered in some disgusting sauce and those fried leaves.

Disgustingly good. Plus, if you are not really hygeniec, then you will have orange fingers all day long.

Oooooh. Orange fingers. Goldspot.

Goldspot was awesome due to various reasons. One of them was the name. Goldspottttt.

I can’t quite remember what I would have with Goldspot. I think it was these tiny samosas that you would get near my house. They were called club samosas and had this stuffing of carrots and cabbage (I think). All garam garam and when you bite it, the steam would float into the air.


Like really, really high-as-fuck water.


Lets talk about you and me. Lets talk about it. Lets talk about sex-x-x-x-x.

Random songs are blown out of my ears. Totally random. Just the other day it was that “Aaja pyaare paas hamare. Kahay ghabraye oh kaahay ghabraaye”

Then then what else.

Its road trippin time. Monsoons and long, stretchy highways and trees on either side of the road. And not plants but trees, big, fat thick-as-fuck trees with their centres painted red and white. Wooshing past, their branches allowing the raindrops to fall every now and then.


Oh and I met someone who is a professional make up artist. Like she does it for a living and all that.

And I all I could think, throughout the meeting was, “Damn, have you tried some on your face.”

And it was such a mean thing to think but that is all I could think of and whenever she would ask me, I would zone out like forever, and then she would think I am like a reee-turd and in my head I was like “Oh I aint no retarded motha. Oh hell no” and be all ghettyo (coz I am from the roots yo representin) and shit.

Of late, there are times when I have no idea how I got to where I am in a conversation. No fuckin clue. Like word amnesia.

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