Date a boy who is an asshole


You already do.



I can’t quite figure out how where the term “life is too short” came from. Did someone imagine life to be some sort of midget (or little people as they are now called).

I wonder if Life grew up as a lonely kid, never being allowed on any of the rides, being made fun of all the time. Parents buying padded shoes so that Life was not so short, putting him in all sorts of stretch machines and shit. Always needing to yell and scream to get people’s attention, especially if the “people” were behind a counter.


Poor Life.

I wonder which club rejected Life. I mean, what else is there other than Life? Yeah genius, there is Death but the two are definitely related and probably have a soft spot for each other. Who knows, they may even have gone out together, had mad, drunken sex and then not spoken to each other forever.

So there is Life, Death and….. Surely there must be more. Surely.


I can’t remember the ending of Wall-E and that sometimes drives me mad at times. It is like not being able to remember the ending of Casablanca. Did she go, did she not. What happened to him? Did he ever find out? Did she tell him.

Ayoo Rama.


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2 Responses to Date a boy who is an asshole

  1. Anonymous says:

    wall e came back, against all odds. you make me laugh man. its not like its difficult to make me laugh, but i wouldnt put it in the easy category.

  2. b says:

    there’s life, death, and inlimbo. like. comatose vegetating or, dreams! there’s dreams.

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