Where the words tumble, fall and find their way into my mind the way a drunkard returns home

I like message t-shirts. Sometimes I think they are used to pass information from the “other” world back to me.

For instance a couple of days ago, I saw this chap wearing a t-shirt which read “Your face. My ass. What difference”. Thought it was hilarious.

It would be amazing if that was the case though, someone using people as walls for graffiti. Yeah, that would be pretty damn cool. The whole idea that you need to show movement if you are living is pretty questionable.

Why should you. Movement = life it seems

Mistakes are someone’s way of telling you that you are a retard.

I wonder what music would look like if it was allowed to run. Would be pretty interesting no? I wonder how bhangra would move across the playground. Would Jazz just smile at you and saunter in any direction she pleases? Would EDM finish entire laps before you could even start counting? Would metal run in the opposite direction, hands held high and fingers raised to the world.

I don’t think we are blind you know, I don’t. I think we have just forgotten to open our eyes for far too long. I some times think that there are a couple of worlds in front of very eyes.

It is incredible, this holding onto a belief. Its the intangible nature of belief that I find so attractive; how can something so fine, so delicate be so powerful?

Oh and the BIGGEST INSULT of my life I got today.

Went to the bakery to pick up some pao. The fellow at the counter looks at me and says, “You a South Indian aah?”


Also this song be stuck in ma head.

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3 Responses to Where the words tumble, fall and find their way into my mind the way a drunkard returns home

  1. arzkiya says:

    But, you ARE a South Indian! Bengaluru Boy!!

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