Where the goldfish exhibit suicidal tendencies, frustrated at swimming in a fish bowl year after year

…wish you were here.

Whattay song.

My maadu mind is working in overdrive right now. How do I make money. How do I make money. How do I make money. I guess no matter how hard to deny it, it is in my khoon. Full pumping the veins and all that shit.

What else what else.

Oh so the lovely laady at Bakers Dozen bakes this bread called brioche. A loaf of it. And it is this rich, fluffy bread loaded with egg and butter. And so you buy a loaf and cut a thick, thick slab and shove it in the toaster. And then you wait till its slightly warm and then you throw a nice helping of butter onto the bread. Toast it some more. And then when you pull it out, its ever so slightly crusty. And the salty butter kicks in with the mildly sweet taste of the brioche. Heaven.

So tomorrow is May Day.

Every airplane/ship pilots worst nightmare.


Oh dear.

Kill me, please. I just can’t get no funnier.

Mera naam jonny hai – the one line that can be a hilarious response to the most mundane of questions.

“Why are you wearing shorts today?”

Because…mera naam jonny hai.

“What did you think of the croods?”

Mera naam……….jonny hai.


“Why did your parents give you such a stupid face?”


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