Where we listen to the silence, curious meerkats wanting to hold on to the past

Given how fuckin amazing it is, I don’t think silence is given the importance it should.

Also, living in silence is not always a good thing. Have we lost our voices? Should we chase after our own words?

That would be crazy no? If you had to chase your own words, running after them and stuff them into your mouth to make any sense at all.

Some times, I think my mind has dolphins jumping from one end to another. Just jumping around, diving into the sea and then popping out again. And they all have sunglasses on. Those big, black chunky ones.  Oh you know the ones I am talking about.

Excuse me. But I may be drinking more than I should. Tonight. And I may be taking you home. Tonight. Excuse me.

Have a killer weekend porkies.


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