Where the endings end – short, fat, chain smoking pigs with beady eyes and no self esteem

I think fat Japanese men do the whole mafiosi thing to perfection. In their suits and with cigarettes dripping from their teeth. Their tiny eyes staring right into you. No, I for one, would not want to fuck around with the Japanese mafia. No frikkin way.

I was thinking of this interview someone had given and he said that one of the two things he had learnt in his life was that no one knows anything. And I thought that it was a wonderful although logically unsound, observation.

No one knowing anything.

Everyone just walking around, completely clueless to every frikkin thing.


It rained a bit last night. Was the perfect weather for a bike. Cause you can control how fast the rain drops are going to hit you. So if you slow down then it just goes pat pat pat but if you speed up, then it goes pit pit pit pit. Wonderful. Riding in the rain is something stupidly wonderful.

It reminded me of going on the ring road in delhi and up and over the AIIMS flyover and then taking a sharp left to get into RK Puram and then speeding past Deer Park? Fuck, I cant remember anymore. I still think Delhi is one of the best cities to have a bike though. Big, wide, smooth roads and not that much traffic. And every once in a while you will hit a Green Park or a Panchatantra encalve where there is just so much greenery. Or you can siddle down to India Gate and have some ice cream on the lawns when things get a bit too much.

What else, what else.

Bombay is another couple of hours away and I am looking forward to it. I am going to paint the wall in my room, am going to re-start my culinary adventures and, hopefully, see some theatre. I am also making plans to see at least one movie a week in a single screener but am not too sure how that is going to work.

What else. What else.

Brutus and me are going to part ways for some time now. Probably a month or so. Am feeling terribly guilty leaving her like that.

No really. You have no idea.

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4 Responses to Where the endings end – short, fat, chain smoking pigs with beady eyes and no self esteem

  1. Meenakshi says:

    Heres a fun fact. The owner of Airlines hotel in Bengaluru – he went to some art exhibition knowing nothing of anything and bought a chair for 5L. Then he gets a call from some mysterious person (or not mysterious), asking to purchase the chair for 2 crores. He says not interested thank you and hangs up. Then he finds out its one of 2 chairs in the whole world (something) and the other is owned by some Moscow royal family and kept in their palace. He sold it to them for 23 odd crores then. TRUE STORY YO. Really. Art person who sold chair knows a friend who knows me.

    • kroswami says:

      Man, can you imagine that phone conversation:
      “Ahh comraade, vee are offering 2 crorz of ruppeez ja?
      Eh? Aye what man you are saying?
      “Tooh crorez and a bottle of vodka just for you”
      You mad-aa? Po da. Dont disturb.

  2. Abhiroop says:

    Talking about chairs…. Im sure you guys have read this, but….






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