Where the addictions knock on the door, hyperactive squirrels with handbags on their elbows

Yeah, in my head, that is what an addiction looks like – a hyperactive squirrel with a fancy label bag tucked on its elbow.

Just knocking away at my door, knocking and knocking. Refusing to go away.

And not a normal, patient knock. But this constant, tik tik tik tik. Their tiny paws, tiny knuckles all rolled up. Tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik.


So today’s trick of the day is go to “la la la la la la” when you complete a difficult, potentially fatalistic task.

For instance, when you go for a bath and then you finish and you realise that the towel is far, far away and so you have to walk all the way and you know that you may just slip and fall. But you tip toe carefully and make it back, safe and sound.



Memories are translucent paintings, and sometimes the colours change the further you get away from them. The shapes rarely do, I dont think they ever do actually. It is just the colours, just the colours.


A well-made joint is worth admiring, hand crafted and all that. Not too tightly packed, so that the air can move in and out, with just a tiny filter. Enough so that you can taste what you need to taste but not so that the taste overwhelms you. And when you breathe in, the leaves should crackle just a tiny bit, and the purplish smoke should sway gently through the room.


Sway is a fuck sexy word.


Its sexy even when you just say it. Swayyy.

Some words are just sexy. They can be nothing else, you know. I wonder if that can be a curse, a cause for depression even. All the sexy words huddled in their beds, sobbing and wondering why they can’t be something else. “Why, o why GOD”

Anyway, back to sway.

Tomorrow is World Sway Day. Yup. It has been confirmed. Everyone hasta sway.


This is fuckin awesome:

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