Casual. Like formal but with a slouchy back, shirt tucked out and shoelaces untied

Oh the world of words.

“Look there goes Haughty, what a proud motha!”


One of  my greatest fears is the fear of the shut toilet lid.  You know, you have to bend and lift it and all I can think is “WHAT THE FUCK IS THE LID HIDING?!?!”. Cause if the lid is down then there has to be something disgusting.

It don’t matter where it is. But this putting the lid down business has to stop man. It has to stop.

Oh those painful seconds when you lift, slowly, lift and then peek and then “Clear! All clear! Thank the frikkin lord”.

So much drama. Tatti drama.

I also think Parenthesis Man would be kinda cool. Although he would be super easy to figure out (you know, since the context would be so clearly laid out).

Parenthesis Man. (Here to save the day!)


So Google Play is now letting you download/buy movies for a couple of days. I think it makes sense. Rent the movie for some hundred bucks and then connect it to a projector and some speakers and bada boom, movie hall at home.


I wish I could make cornpuff at home. Corn puff.

Which you put into your mouth and squish it against the top of your mouth with your tongue. And it crumbles and is all spicy and crumbly.

Full yummy only.


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