One sentence movie review – GI Joe Retaliation

Well, at least I got to eat some corn puffs.


So, about that Bom-Blr bike ride. Well it was fun, cause it has been ages since I have been on a highway and some of the ghat sections were really nice. Plus, there were a couple of massive traffic snarls that I could zip through cause I was on two wheels. Also, I stopped at Dharwad for the night and just walked about the town (and belted me some dharwad-famous pedas). Small town with this real bustling marketplace and it was a Saturday so entire families were out. And some of the shops were a billion years old and had interesting fonts and it just seemed so calm in a way.

I got me some burn bangles though:

Pretty cool methinks

Pretty cool methinks

A burn bangle is what you get when your gloves and your shirt sleeves don’t have a meeting of the minds if ya know what I am saying. So that tiny patch of un-covered skin gets sun burnt. It looks fucking ridiculous + cool and there is very little I can do to get rid of it.

Another hilarious thing which happened on the bike ride was that my bag tore into shreds. Apparently it slid of the backseat and was dragged for a couple of kms while I rode on, blissfully unaware. So the bag got shredded and so did a couple of my bestest clothes. No complaints though cause the bag could have oh so easily got stuck in between the tyres.

Also, on the second day I wore a bright purple shirt cause that was the only thing left in my wardrobe. Think casual party wear. I must have looked fuckin hilarious. Nicely paunchy guy wearing dirty jeans, party wear shirt straining at the boobies area, jiggling across NH-4. Revealing some serious butt cleavage every now and then. It ain’t real life unless its funny.

Last thing I want to add is that if anyone wants to do a bom-blr run, don’t do it via NH-4 man – its frikkin boring. Sure, the road is good and divided, petrol stations every 40 km or so and decent number of places to eat but…. just aint got no character. It is simple A to B type transportation. Good if you wanna go real fast and all but for me….naah. Next time its definitely gonna be NH 17. Or maybe stick with NH-4 till Chitradurga and then cut across to NH-17 via a SH. I clearly remember this one gorgeous SH which goes via towns and villages and there is super-sexy restaurant on the way where I had one of the best thalis ever. Like proper ever. Full on banana leaf and mountains of steaming rice and burning sambar-like dal and full yummy yummy.

Let us see. Hampi is also on my mind (When is “hump-ee” not –  Ed. Yes there is an Ed. but he is lazy little bastard) but apparently it is really really warm right now.

Too many places ya. What the eff ya.


The problem with seeing too many episodes of Whose Line is it means that you start randomly awarding points to people. Like completely randomly.

“Hey, nice bike”

And a thousand points to the dude who said that.

It annoys me.

I don’t like it when I annoy myself. Its like digging your nose to try and scratch the insides of your cranium if ya know what I mean.


The auto driver yesterday was this absolutely chilled out, pepper haired dude. He had this way of looking at his rear view mirror. Gentle swing of the head, look, swing back. It was real awesome to watch.


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