Where the music continues to flow, but in stops and starts, as if unsure of where it wants to go

You know, that happens sometimes. Found this video on the intarnet:


Have been listening it to on repeat mode. Like the way she makes her hands swim this way and that, and the way her voice changes and has elements of hate and anger and humility and life.

Took Brutus for a short ride in the morning and good lord she is so so loveable. I could see her smile as we went over the road and as we turned this way and that. She growled and grinned and growled some more and I got to thinking that perhaps this is what I have to do: just go here and there.

Finished a book called “The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing”. Frikkin hilarious in parts and it was interesting to get a glimpse into the way a woman thinks. A slightly crazy and hilarious woman. Interesting. Plus I am glad that I can still finish a book in a couple of days. Thought I had lost that ability.

Went to watch Jack the Giant Slayer. It was like having warm monkey shit thrown at you. After you have paid a chunk of money. Warm, warm monkey turds all over your face.

Also dropped through this place called The Barking Deer and it was nice (probably be a lot better once the micro brewery license kicks in) but expensive (not that I paid). Beer can be so good. Cold, and refreshing and soothing. Like a glass of cold milk but better.

Have decided to paint the wall of my room. Apparently it requires very little skill so that makes it an ideal choice for me. Am thinking of painting it a deep blue. But then I don’t want it to compete with the sky or the ocean.  Red is too childish and black is so not happening. Probably gonna be some variation of blue.

The bai has had me figured out plenty good which is fukin incredible since she has been employed for three days. She now comes in at whatever time she prefers, cleans whatever she feels like and then ignores whatever I say. She is, quite clearly, the man of the house.


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2 Responses to Where the music continues to flow, but in stops and starts, as if unsure of where it wants to go

  1. vimes says:


    green. it will be amazing.

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