Ena veena dope shope

Really man. whatte song it is.

Full on the repeat mode right now.

How are you? Been a while since we have met no? What news from your side? Talk to me.

Wondering which of the above is the best way to start a conversation with someone you hate.

Talk to me.

I like that.

I like people who tell me that.

Went to the race course today morning. It was pretty and it was relatively quiet and there were all these magnificent creatures running around. Could watch them forever. So much power and grace and that element of playfulness; the feeling that they are living for the fun of it if you know what I am saying.

There are so many ideas in my head. So many. Sometimes I wonder what I am going to do with them all. Is there a place where you can pour your head out? Like just tilt your head to one side, open your head from the top and pour them out.

Thoughts. They would be beautiful to see if they took shapes and had colours no?

So would a lot of things actually.

Went and saw Ms. Norah Jones the other day and she was absolutely delicious and I told myself that if Nadita Das said okay then I would marry both of them.  The highlight, for me, though was the performance by this chap Nischay Parekh who was from Calcutta. The chap was good and had stage presence and would make these adorable little comments in between songs. And the music he played was happy and twitchy and made you want to buy a balloon.

I like songs which make you want to buy balloons. Those are good songs.



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3 Responses to Ena veena dope shope

  1. Jibi says:

    you ‘ve gotta fan!

  2. Jibi says:

    yes yes! pankha it is! (thank god for google translate!)

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