I suppose everyone has their own set of ambitions. Hopes and dreams. I do wonder if ambition is what drives us forward (or backward).

My ambition is to have a job whose title reads COCK. I was thinking Chief Officer Cum ass Kicker but that actually reads COACK. Plus, the Cum is too close to the Ass.

If ya know what I mean. I hope you do not.


The idea that there are secret trade unions is one which I find particularly interesting. Actually less of a trade union and more of a secret, underground, profession-centric club. And the more ordinary the profession, the more interesting the idea gets. Or the more specific.

For instance, the secret club of tennis ballboys. Or the Underground Association of Gym instructors. And when one secret club gangs up against the other. And they would have these secret wars and shit. And all of this would happen in plain sight.

Anyway. Toodles.


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2 Responses to Ambition

  1. Divya says:

    This should amuse you.

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