Hey sexy momma, shake that booty, shorty, bitchez and other words which only sound cool in a rap song

If I am gonna get spam I might as well get spammed big time.


Like someone throwing warm, dirty spit on you. Gallons and gallons of spit.

Today is a good day.

I like today.

Today, you have been good to me.

And I like that.

There is so much life to live if you know what I mean.

Lunch was at this place called Kolahpuri something opposite Prashant Hotel in Basvangudi and oh my dear lord, it was delicious. They had this green, donne biryani which is like this super sexy thing and I had it with mutton chops which were soaked in this spinach flavored curry and then I had some spicy, chicken fry with those green leaves.

And when the biryani is brought to your table, it is really hot and so your fingers have to weave their magic through the grains of the rice. And you have to pour the cold, cold raita over the rice and your hands have to mash the rice and the little pieces of chicken and then you place it in your mouth and your tongue runs all the way to your brain shouting “Oh Sweeet Jesus”

Food is a good especially. Dear Lord it is good.

And of course after all the grease you go to the neighborhood juice chappie and you order a masala soda and the cold, bubbly chooran flavored soda runs into your tummy and brings some welcome relief.


And, if you have the time, you can walk on the pavements of Gandhi bazaar and stare at the bright flowers for sale and the smell the freshly ground coffee and look at the giant trees and just keep on walking.

Or you can meet at Koshy’s (over rated on the food but still awesome on the ambiance) and you can sit there for hours over a single cup of coffee or some potato smileys or a ginger crush and just talk and talk and talk.

And then waltz down Church Street and stop at this shop called Goobes which is run by people who love books (therefore I loves them) and you can just plonk yourself in the middle of these mountains of books and read and read whatever you want.

Or you could shuffle down Church St and hit Blossoms and go beserk and just buy all the books you want.

You could also take the bus (Nos 13, 34, 37) to Double Road and drop by this place called Jagaa which is slightly hipsterish but allows you to sit on tables and desks and just soak in the atmosphere and write or talk or watch a movie on your laptop or worry about your future or smile at the fact that sometimes, when you least expect it, life will be good to you.

There is just way too much life to live.

I am currently saving up for a trip to Taiwan. Pretty excited about it actually. Well, right now its a toss up between Burma (which will be cheaper and hence can be done sooner) or Taiwan (which I need to save till atleast October for).

In a weeks time, I will swing by Delhi and then go to Dehradun and then go to Patna and then plonk myself in Bombay. And I will get to travel in a Shatabdi and a Rajdhani and perhaps I will get to cook in a village somewhere in between.

And in Bombay, I am going to clean up Brutus (for real yo) and go down NH 17 and find myself a bed by the beach and just read a couple of books that I have been planning to read for such a long time.

There is way too much life to live. Live man, just live. Who knows when you will get the chance to do it again.

Live my friend. Live.



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2 Responses to Hey sexy momma, shake that booty, shorty, bitchez and other words which only sound cool in a rap song

  1. Parama Ghosh says:

    The more I read you, well, I develop an unusual bond with you. I love your writing. Write my friend, write. It makes my days. 🙂

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