Where the world changes, or at least the world inside Kro’s head

It does.

What I find interesting is the way perceptions change over time; the way tastes and preferences twist and turn and become something so completely different from what they were before.

Quite incredible when you sit down and think about it.


Something made me think about emotions and mathematics the other day. Whether you could divide pain and anger into smaller units. Whether there is something like an incremental sadness scale of some sort. Measuring an emotion and all that.

I like to think of multiplication as addition fast forwarded. Like the “+” took way too much heroin and is now ODing like a crazy person. It must be a crazy world, the world of multiplication. Especially if someone from the addition world were to sneak in and have a quick view. Everything would be so blurry.

For some reason I was unable to come to a similar conclusion with regard to division and subtraction. At best, I can see them as distant cousins. Subtraction is so much more precise, so German and unemotional.

“Ve shall remove three from five, yes.”

I wonder where the two goes. Do you think it feels all little and left out? Or is it a completely new man and bounds around, trying to get used to the new form.

Division on the other hand is a bit of a crazy scientist with an artistic bent of mind. All fractions and vague decimals. A french chef with a penchant for scratching his beard.

“Oui Oui….now put 3, 4 and 5 AFTER de decimal. Hmmm, lookz interesting. Gud gud”


There is a very, very simple joy in getting what you want. I think the best part about making a decision is the clarity it gives you. And sometimes, just some times, you can actually look back and wonder what the fuss was all about.


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2 Responses to Where the world changes, or at least the world inside Kro’s head

  1. Lost & Found says:

    I love what you’ve written about decisions and clarity. I can relate to it so much…

  2. Lost & Found says:

    Oh and I’m not Mrs. anymore. Getting divorced.

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