Where the challenge is accepted

It is.

Sometimes it is really fun to negotiate with inanimate objects. Like today, I was telling my shower that it should not take so long to produce hot water. And I was doing it in my Hyderabadi Hindi accent which is kinda like the Shivajinagar style. “Kyaa baa. Kai ko tum nahi kar rahee baa”

Saax Bomb.

Ever since I can remember, I have been playing this catch-catch game with people around me. Like I will do something super stupid (but at that point of time I will be convinced it is super smart), then I will get caught, then I will deny and then finally I will admit. Okay fine.

So apparently dungarees are back. Fuck yeah!!! I love ’em. So cool ya.

Whenever people say things are back, I always wonder where they went in the first place. Like the land of the disliked. The land of the ignored.

I am starting my own radio show. Okay fine. Its a podcast. I am currently looking for a mike. The plan is to eventually build a Hitchhiker kinda thing but with less drama and very little inter-space travel.

Like a lazy fucks guide to the galaxy.

Or maybe I should start with just reading the papers and making fun of shit.

I don’t know.


An interesting discussion over dinner meant that I wondered whether the declining grip of religion has made us more materialistic.



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