Thanks and a love story

Did the SCMM (half) and I really ought to practice a bit more. Full limping around here and there. And pretty pathetic timing.

But that is not the point. I would like to put thanks to 2 people:

1. P. Venkatraman – The dude behind the 3:00 hr bus. Thanks. For the last hour, all I was thinking was “follow the damn flag”.

2. Random dude at the Churchgate-Marine Drive junction – Thanks for putting the timing chip into my shoe. When it fell off my laces, and I tried to put it back on, I nearly fell. If I had sat down, I would have never gotten up. Thanks.


“Talk to me”

I can’t talk any more.

“Why don’t you tell me how your day was?”

I can’t.

“Will you at least sing me a song?”

No. I can’t.

“Well, how about sharing a joke then?”

No. I can’t.

I could paint you a picture though.

“Can’t you tell me your words?”

Why can’t I paint them for you?

“Because I am blind”

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