Real men

Do this kind of shit.

Sample piece:

“We spread out our handkerchief on the sands. Our menu consisted of three items to wit – one chapatti, a little sugar and a few raddish plants minus the raddish……We all ate as much as we could. The next important thing to be done was to draw our belts tighter.”

Oye sala.

It has been a while since I read a travel book that was so enjoyable. It could have done with some better editing (laugh, you short bastard, laugh) and it certainly is no bryson but highly recommended. I like the fact that it takes you to different places and different times.


For the nth time, what a fascinating concept I say. A moment. No single moment being the the same as the next. Fuckin amazing.


In other news, I finally got me the full box set of Calvin & Hobbes. I think this deserves a party.

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