Where, despite the near impossibility of the task, I somehow manage to outdo myself

“So, my friends tell me you are quite the funny man. Tell me something funny….”

Well, you know how sometimes when you are cleaning your ass, a bit of shit gets stuck to your nails and then you sniff it and try to figure out what you ate….

“Buh bye”


In one of those rare occasions where I decide to behave like the *ughhh* common man, I have made a series of new years resolutions. One of them involves buying a Ducati Hypermotard.

So I spoke to the chaps at the showroom and asked them how much it costs (a shit lot) and whether there was any discount running (no) and whether they would give it to me for free  if I plugged them on my blog (no again).

So then I went online and punched in my errr financial details (meager, like somalian meagre) to find out how much I could borrow (meager, like supermodel meager) and so now I am wondering how I am going to go about it.

If I am to buy the Hyper by the end of this year, I need to save a 100,000 bucks a month. So basically I need to SAVE three and half times what I make…..some people would say that this is impossible.

To these doubters all I can say is “Hah!”. You do not know me. Yessir, you do not know me at all.

So apparently a kidney goes for a couple of lakhs but then I don’t want to affect my center of gravity. The receptionist at the semen bank said fuck off and I dont think I have an  Australian uncle who will donate his millions to my cause.

Life is so unfair.

I don’t have first world problems. I have second world problems.


It is amazing how small or how large the “world” can be. When you are in love or in hate, the “world” can be made up of two people and when you are dreaming, the “world” can have millions of planets and trillions of starts and then when you are reading the papers, the “world” can be six million people big and when you watch the Discovery Channel, it can be all these animals and plants and the deep, blue sea.


How big is your world right now?


The more work I have, the more frequently I blog.

I saw the movie Funny People cause I am in love with Audrey Plaza and it was alright. A bit silly but there was something about it that I really liked. I don’t know. At 3 hrs, it is a bit of stretch but I would reco it.


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