Ways to amuse yourself #97981

Because of the particular nature of what I do, and partly because of my atrocious social skills, I spend a large part of my non-snoring life alone. Had I actually cared to do something about this rather pathetic situation, I would have.

But I don’t.

And continuing with the half-heartedness which characterises my life, I indulge in fake game plays to keep myself occupied. A form of social masturbation if you will. After all, if no one is going to amuse me with their stupidity, I am left with no option but to amuse myself.


So #97981

Announce what you are going to do. Loudly. And in the same manner as Anu Malik’s cult song, “Dekho baarish ho rahi hai…..its raining, its raining, its raaayyyy-ning”

Example: “Mujhe potty aa rahi hai, aa rahi hai, aaaaa rahiiiiiii aay”


“Dekho lakptop garam ho gaya hai; garam ho, garam ho, garam ho gayaaaaaa hai”

The more un-melodious and mundane the activity/observation, the funnier it gets.

And in case you are feeling extra-enthu, you can sing it the way a brit villain would speak Hindi in an old movie.



I cant figure out if I like it cause its so good or because its so bad or because its just so frikkin strange.

Milk in ma sippy cup!!!


There is something dangerously addictive about speed and about chasing pussy. Either you do or you do not. There is no space for half measures you know. It is odd. Most odd.

Also, all ma politically incorrect homies can see this.


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2 Responses to Ways to amuse yourself #97981

  1. jadedjags@gmail.com says:

    Dude, you’re awesome, simply awesome!
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