Where I reveal my love for shiny, happy people

I frikkin hate ya guts.

All shiny and happy and all looking good.


Is there a word which really encapsulates anger? Like a proper angry word. Like a word which the gods would use when they were super pissed off or a word which would be used by an author to describe the god’s mood when s/he was super pissed off.

Why do gods have a gender?

That is a bit odd no? I mean they are gods for pete’s sake! And yet they are bound by something as basic, as human, as gender. How odd.

So then there was this one time when I was like walking on the road and I was like totally listening to this one song and I was like singing it. Like not aloud but like in my head. Like if someone crammed a television into my head and switched it on and it was playing that song. It was like that. Okay actually not a telly but perhaps a radio cause like a television has all these images and shit.

How far are we from falling in love with inanimate things? And I am not talking about dildos and mobile phones and shit like that. I mean like real love. Like tamagachi type love. “Oh my pencil eraser. How I count the days when you are away from me” type love. Fuck. No we are not too far away.

Chronicle. Such an interesting word no? I would love to be a chronicler. I think all good chroniclers should wear a robe with a hoodie. Oohhh that would be super awesome. A long, long time ago I read this book by some famous author and it was about this guy who was an ancient historian and he was traveling with a group of soldiers or some shit like that. I think it was Michael Crichton or someone like that. Man I used to read a lot of that shit.

I think some of us have been sent here to observe. To look and to watch and study and smile and have thoughts in silence. Others are meant to watch you, to make sure you don’t fall too hard and to reach out when you need something to pull you back.

I wonder what the girls in Sean Paul videos sound like. Like in real life. I wonder if they read poetry.

Faces can be such fascinating, fascinating things.



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