Aye whatfor you want to do all this man?

They can take away my mother tongue, but they can NEVER take away my accent!

Amazing thing all this language business. It is a bit like food since all the words we speak are like different flavors if you think about it. Some taste so wonderfully sweet and some are slightly salty and some are spicy and all theeka theeka and make your ears go red and all that.

I went to Ulsoor lake the other day. Beautiful little part of town except the lake is filthy. They have repaired the walking the area and if you go there at the right time of the day you can see all these different birds just chilling about and dipping their heads into the water and then shaking their heads in that crazy “shiver me timbers” kinda way that birds have.

Ulsoor is fairly close to the Mosque Road/MM Road area, a locality which has some of the most scrumptious food in the world. Really. There is this place where you get this super sexy brain masala that just HAS to be tried to be believed. All creamy and delicate and perfect for being mopped up by thick paranthas. Jiyo.

I wonder what a pen feels like when it is running out of ink. Does it get all panicky and out of breath-ish. “Huuhhhh can. not. write.” Does it gulp in all the ink the minute you dip the pen in a bottle of ink?

Or is it all happy and just waiting for the time when the ink runs out. “Thank God. No more writing to do. Am tired!!”

I wonder what is the exact relationship shared by pens and ink. One of mutual respect? Longing and lust?

In fact I often wonder about the relationship of those in a symbiotic relationship. Actually “symbiotic” is incorrect, I mean a relationship where one is useless without the other. It must be humbling to know that you cannot function without the other. Or is it a cause of great anger and resentment. Why god, why did you make me incomplete.

Ooooo Incomplete Man. Ok. This is officially the coolest super-hero  I have come up with. Incomplete Man. The chap who just does half the things and then


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2 Responses to Aye whatfor you want to do all this man?

  1. vimes says:

    [jerry maguire themed joke]

    • kroswami says:

      funniest comment ever. I was full awake at night wondering what the fuck it meant and then dimag ki batti went ding!

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