Where we hop on, hoping and hoping but never managing to pick up the stone and maintain balance at the same time


Because the floor in my house was made of giant squares, playing hopscotch did not require any chalk whatsoever.

I was never very good at it though the Sister was pretty kickass. What I was kickass at was playing dogpile. Which is essentially everyone just jumping on top of each other. It was a pretty awesome game. Simple. Effective. Cost-free.

Went for a play a couple of days ago. Nothing great but it was in this place called Ranga Shankara which is simply awesome. All arty-farty with a cafe which serves filter kaapi and akki roti and this rather pathetic custard. You know, a much better version of Prithvi PLUS with Bangalore weather. Yummazing.

The play had that Dubey chicks (both mom and daughter) and it was ok okay only. Though I must admit that all plays which deal with the Partition really affect me. For some reason, the idea of entire cities moving and dying and killing and being killed…I don’t know. It is a very powerful reference.

In other news, I am seriously thinking of getting another tattoo. I think its time I made another stupid mistake.

Then then, what else.

The Bangalore International Film Festival begins in 2 days. Cannot wait.


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