Shower thoughts

So there is this friend of mine who is super duper philosophical and always tries to give me all this gyaan on the oneness of the world and how to look outside is to look within or whatever.

Anyway, the point is that one of thing she told me was that we are all one. Like everything is connected.

And then today in the shower I just began to wonder what if there is actually only one person on earth? Just one person with six billion split personalities? How fucked up is that?  Fuck. I just can’t get that idea out of my mind. Like a Beautiful Mind multiplied by a billion.

Fuck fuck fuck.

I normally like shower thoughts but this one, not so much.

So as if to make up for it, my brain sent me this super funny thought. I was thinking that the coolest thing about babies is that you can just catch them and make them your passive audience. Aa behenchod, aur sun meri baat. Kaha bhage ga?

Grab their chubby arms and just make them sit in front of you and then you can jabber away to your heart’s content. While that little critter digs his nose or whatever.

Digging the nose. Oh what a glorious way to pass the time. Especially when you find some solidified chunks of mucus. Dig, dig, dig away. Make sure it is all clean and all that. Rolling it up between your finger and your thumb and then flinging it away.

I wonder how you learn to dig your nose. Is there someone who teaches it to you or it just comes naturally. I can only imagine what it must feel like the first time you dig your nose.  Dig my nose Man. The awesome super hero who can only use one hand at a time.

Oh grow up.

No, you grow up.

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