Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar

When in doubt, do the Himessssss.

And then people wonder why I love him.


Over the last couple of days I have managed to sit down and finish two moves which could not have been more different from each other. One was Jiro Dreams of Sushi (super but a bit of an overkill on the slo-mo aspect). The other was Dinner with Andre (which I only googled because of the reference in that Community episode where Abed tries to be all normal).

Both movies were so spectacularly different with respect to what the protagonists were trying to say. It was quite an interesting contrast.

I also managed to do something which I had clearly not done for a long, long time: get lost. And I don’t mean in the “shit where am I” kind of way but in a more “Ok, lets go there. Am as lost here as I am there”. It was fucking amazing. Just walk down narrow, crowded streets with absolutely no idea where the road is going and just walk and peep into stores selling sarees and clothes and then gold jewelry and then food and then just keep on walking till you hit a giant mandir or a mosque and peep inside and feel the cold stone on your naked feet. And just walk until you hit a dirty chai stall and then sit down and sip the hot chai from the dirty glass and look out at the world. Not from an air conditioned room and not from behind windows but right here, right here in front of you. It was magical and so, so comforting to know that I can still get lost in the crowded streets.


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