Where the tails swish and swash, making the flies go around in circles and get all dizzy

I do wonder if flies ever get dizzy. And whether they can hear the buzzzzz sound that they make. They probably can and it must be really loud for them.

There is this place near Frazer Town called Komala, an udipi patronised by locals. It makes a killer “special” masala dosa. Absolutely loaded with ghee, slightly crisp and dark in parts but killer soft in places where it matters. And when you finish it and lick your lips and look at your fingers, you will see a shiny coat of ghee glistening all over your fingers. Delicious.

Two of those, a cup of hot hot filter coffee and there can be no better way to start a Sunday.

I learnt how to scuba dive. Full certified course and all that. One of the coolest things I have ever done. So you jump in the water and you kneel on the ocean floor and you are actually breathing underwater and your regulator makes that “khooof khhooof” sound every time you exhale and you feel like some sort of astronaut.

It is a different world. It really is. Cause there are fish swimming about and this lulling (yet powerful) current which pushes and pulls you and you can sorta hear this tingling of sand particles. And all the time you are floating, just floating and there are these places where the suns light slips into the water and these giant, giant schools of fish swim all around you and you are going wtf wtf except it comes out as “bubble bubble bubble”.

I definitely am going to follow up on this diving thing. Completely different kind of vacation.

Anyway, back to the reality it is.

I am going to clean up Brutus. Make her smile again. And then we are going to do another epic ride. Perhaps from Bombay to Bangalore, along the coast or via NH-4 (which is solidly built but a bit boring to ride on).


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4 Responses to Where the tails swish and swash, making the flies go around in circles and get all dizzy

  1. Jazz says:

    Wow the scuba diving part sounds awesome. I was always scared of the under water world but I think I should try overcoming it. Got to learn swimming first though.

  2. Hitlers Moush says:

    So proud of you on the scuba diving bit. Lets exchange stories soon. Heard the moment you dived into the water all the exotic sea creatures floated stomach upside on the surface. The site you scuba dived is now a dead zone with yellow crime site police ribbons. More jokes coming with a couple of chilled bir. 🙂 See you soon!

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