Where I dip my head into a swimming pool filled with mirrors, doing the breast stroke along with a hundred others who look just like me

That would be kinda freaky though. Having all these random mirrors thrown into the pool. Passing reflected bits of your body as you crawl through the water. And in my head, the mirrors would be of different sizes and some would have this heavy, gold frame and others would be half broken and there would be one which was still attached to the cupboard.


I learnt how to cook rice today. In a rice cooker. Who knew that you had to wash the rice before cooking it. Anyway, it was good, evenly cooked and quite nice.


I visited a Klipsh (am I spelling it wrong) showroom the other day and it was quite a fantastic experience. Sure, I aint ever gonna be able to afford any of the stuff but it was pretty amazing anyway.

I guess sound does make for a fascinating subject. Especially if you think about the way it travels and that it is actually just a vibration in the air and then it goes all bazoonka bazoonka from the source and then slowly mellows down in the air and then the vibrations waltz onto your ear flaps and then hit your ear and all that. And sometimes, the vibrations go into your teeth and you can feel the zzzz and its all strange and all that shit.


In fact the only thing which fascinates me more than sound is the absence of sound. A blankness, thick and sticky. All around your forehead and your eyes and oozing into your ears.


Washing machines must have so much fun when they get high. Actually I wonder if they ever do get high at all.

There are some appliances which I am so frikkin sure have a doping problem. Like mixies, and that thing you use to whip eggs and those straws which have that bendy thing in them. Oh ya. Most definitely.


This is not much fun.

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