Visitor visitor who are you? Do you like appams and do you like stew?

I do spend a considerable time wondering who visits this blog and whether they prostrate themselves before the computer screen every time they log on.

Guess who visited this place recently (I shit you not):



Like oh my gawwd.

It has always been a dream of mine to write something for an organisation such as the Ministry of Youth and Education. Like a manual on how to face disappointments and get fucked in life as you grow up. “Prepare to be disappointed” and stuff like that. Cutting words which will destroy the hope and optimism of the youth. A 10-page manual on how you will never get what you want and how you should always be ready to settle for fourth-best. A guide on how to place your expectations  so low and to be so indifferent that nothing will shake or budge you from the path of mediocrity. How success is meant only for a few and that you are not one of them. How dreams are so different and so far removed from reality that you would be better off taking sleeping pills from an early age so as to not have any dreams at all.


Whenever I am feeling particularly bored I youtube the video where Barkha Dutt gets whooped by Manu Joseph on that NDTV show and I watch the man speak a few words. What a dude. Seriously. (hah, “seriously” geddit geddit)

I wonder how he manages to be so creative and so cutting and so funny and all that all at the same time.

Total dude.


There is this tiny temple near the house where I go once in a while. Its really small and simple and peaceful and I like it a lot. It has these old trees and this place inside where you can sit and let the silence dip into your ears. There are no loud speakers and no fancy pujas and the pandit does not give a hoot if you put a coin on the plate or a note.





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2 Responses to Visitor visitor who are you? Do you like appams and do you like stew?

  1. Jazz says:

    Hey I love appams from nallas.

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