So, like, I totally like did it again

Two hours, fifty-six minutes and forty one seconds. I could definitely have cut down at least ten-fifteen minutes had I practiced a bit more but given the undulating course, I am pretty bloody happy with myself. Proud, rather.

The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon went off pretty well. Nothing much to report on this time around.

Had shaved the nips and also slathered several sensitive areas with vaseline. My chubby thighs were virtually going *silence silence* while I waddled my way through Banjara Hills, that fancy park in Jubilee Hills and onwards to Gacchiboli.

It was good though cause it rained a bit towards the end and the weather was all cool and I thought this was interesting cause I had never run through this kind of weather before. But the socks did get really wet and the water did slide all down my back towards the bum region but it was not too bad.

I even managed to strike up a conversation with a couple of people along the way. That kinda helped keep my mind away from the fact that I WAS GOING TO DIE BEFORE I FINISHED.

And the last hundred meters was inside a stadium and there was like this proper finishing line and all so when I crossed it I was like “Ooooooo yaaaa” and all that and it was pretty fucking awesome.

I am still recovering from the side effects though. Feeling really lazy and want to go for a nice, long maalish where the chap will belt the living daylights outta all my mus-kuls.

Oooooh and I found THE perfect shaving wala. I mean I knew he was pretty good when I sat on the creaky chair and he told me a shave was 30 bucks. But this was confirmed when he spent a good 5 minutes just on the lather. Most people fail to realise that the difference between a good shave and a great shave is how much time you are willing to invest in the beginning.

Plus, he did a second round. That really sealed the deal.


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