Stop messing with my head.

I don’t like cyber flirting. I mean the only positive aspect about is that it allows you to hide behind your computer screen. So you don’t have to worry about overgrown nostril hair or hairy upper lips (im trying to be equalist over here) or whatever physical deformity which makes you positively fugly to the human eye.

But I think there is way to much grey area when it comes to the rules of cyber flirting. Like  does a twitter request mean anything? What about the this-  :p Someone told me that it means a tongue sticking out. Which could be sexy. Or juvenile.

Or even this one – 😉 which means a winky smile. Now we all know what a winky winky smile means in real life but what the fuck does it mean in cyber world?

And then all this shit gets super duper complicated once we enter the world of facebook.  Cause then you have requests and likes and comments and tags and all sorts of fucked up shit swirling all over the place.

It is such a pity really.

The thrill of seeing a woman who has put in some effort into making herself look just a little prettier, the slight reddening of the skin as she responds to flattery, the tilt of the head and the opening of the eyes, the lazy stretccccchhhed out stretch and the naughty, naughty smile.


City Bakery is manned by some of the funniest (and rudest) people I have ever met. Piss them off (by continuously changing your mind) and you will be drowned in a can of whoopass which will leave you reeling on the floor. Or, if you are not the victim, laughing till you nearly shit yourself.


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One Response to Facebook.

  1. Lost & Found says:

    And here I’m compelled to tell you that I met my husband on Facebook. I kid you not. To this day I question my sanity and intelligence and I kind of curse Mark Zuckerberg too…

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