Where I realise that, like those super models, it really is all about dimensions

Like I was just thinking that there is this hidden dimension in speaking to someone, a dimension that is missing when you write to someone. So when you are speaking, you are able to modulate your voice (1 dimension) and your facial expressions (another dimension). But when you are reading something, it is often difficult to focus on the modulation and/or the facial expressions.

Plus, there is a third dimension to a conversation that can often be forgotten in written text: the background. I refuse to believe that a conversation consists of a bare exchange of words. It is so much more than that.

And these are the dimensions that are often missing in the written word. Unless the author is some kind of fucking genius. Then its all like “fuck yeah”.

“If I had a DVD she would probably wanna see my special fee-fee-fee-features”

Comos dias

Donde estoy muy pato?

Que pasa?

Yo quieno un aceituna en mi ensalada por fovor.

I should really take a language course.


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