Where I live and realise that we all live in movies and films and all things which go so well with salted popcorn

For instance.

There are parts of my life which resemble scenes from different movies. True story.

Like from Kung Fu Panda I would take that scene where Poh meets Shifu for the first time (just after breaking the vase of 1000 warriors or whatever) and he tells Poh that Poh stinks, is flabby and all that. That is how I feel whenever I meet this friend of mine. One non-stop barrage of all the things that are wrong with me. I don’t even think she pauses for breath sometimes. Dhishoom dhishooom.

Then if I look at the Godfather then it would be that scene where that corrupt Police Captain is about to be shot and that fixer tells him that he and Michael are gonna speak in Italian. And the Irish fucker is like ok, just get me some good food. And instead of Michael and that fixer, its actually Fate and Destiny having a chat about my future. In Italian. While I sit there, oblivious to everything except the food.

I also identify a lot with that scene in Big Lebowski where the Dude finds himself at the police station and that cop throws a cup at him. That has got to be one of the funniest scenes ever and the Dude is like wtf. And then of course the cabdriver gets all pissed off cause the Dude dont like the music he is listening to. Such random fuckin shit.

I did not know I loved Bombay this much. What a beautiful city. I also realised that I love women. Such fascinating peoples they are. Lazy conversations over cups of Irani chai and rambling talks along Marine Drive (cliched? Fuck you) and just the most random duels and jousts using nothing but the power of speech. Incredible.

The longest 200 meters I have ever run in my life was off the highway from Shimla to Rekong Peo. There was a landslide and the road was blocked and we decided to circumvent it by going down the valley, walking and then climbing back up. Except when we reached the bottom, we realised that they were placing explosives and blowing the landslide. And so we ran and I will never forget those few minutes. Cause right in front of us, these giant boulders had rolled down the valley with a speed which has to be seen to be believed. And we are running and every few seconds Comte is like “dude are you there” and I scream “ya, im right there” and we are just running and running.


Now that’s what I call a memory.

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