Where the words of the future appear in front of my eyes, short-tempered butterflies with nowhere to go

That would be a cool image. Butterflies being the words of the future and you have to run and chase them down and you have to wave you net and you never really know when you are going to catch them. And once you do, you have to be really careful not to snap their wings cause otherwise they will be of no use to you.

Saw Supermen of Malegaon and what a frikkin movie. I mean what a movie. Amazing. One of the best things I have seen in a while. Faiza Ahmed Khan, you have my utmost respect! Now I have to go and buy the movie and also the original superman of malegon and malegaon ke sholay and all the movies he has made.

While walking back from the movie we were discussing how such movies will simply be unable to withstand the marketing blitz of the “100 crore” movies and then we were talking about the gigantic space that is there for movies of all kinds and we were all grateful that at least the movie hit the screens, even if at some really shitty timings.

Next in line is Intouchables and I am just hoping that the damn thing runs at least for another week.

I wonder if songs of the future will have words like “google” and “facebook” and stuff like that. So it would be “I want to google your mind baby” or “we look good in our dp pic sweets” or some shit like that. I really do see that happening and I see it happening quite soon.

I finally discovered a kirana walla which delivers stuff and it is just so frikkin convenient. I mean sure, there is a joy in going and running the trolley all over the place and charting out the quickest way from one aisle to another and all that but this is super.

And that made me think about how I have nearly stopped going to bookstores and that made me sad cause now I can no longer browse through all the books and pick one up just like that and sniff the new pages and then put it back in the rack cause that shit is just not possible no more.

And that made me think about how time glides by in front of you and you can almost see the changes from a few months ago to now and its all very different and out-of-body type thing. Ok that might not make sense.

Brutus is acting up once again and so I have to get her checked and hopefully it is just something minor like a dirty spark plug or something like that. She has been acting all moody of late.

Mexican food. I want some mexican food. Some good mexican food. somewhere. Anywhere.

Shake whatcha mumma gave you.

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3 Responses to Where the words of the future appear in front of my eyes, short-tempered butterflies with nowhere to go

  1. I watched Malegaon ke Sholay around two years back! Brilliant spoof. I don’t know if anyone else cried during Supermen of Malegaon, but I did. Truly passionate people. They deserve to be called Supermen’.
    Intouchables is a heart warming film. Do watch it. And if you like Dimple Kapadia as much as I do, watch Cocktail too. But I feel Homi Adjania should make more films like ‘Being Cyrus’. That was a wonderful film…

  2. relativelytruthful says:

    on the contrary, do not watch cocktail unless someone is holding a knife to your intouchables and telling you to do it. especially do not watch it if you like dimple kapadia.

    why are the tags on this post all tamil?

    • kroswami says:

      @L&F: Yeah, totally agree on Supermen…. Varry nice. But Cocktail was absolute trash. I walked out after the interval, had a meal and then came back to catch the last ten minutes. Horrible.

      @RTi: why would you call them the “intouchables”?? wtf. addi veno is a term in malayalam

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