Where I wonder what the thought of the day actually means

Such is the nature of my friends, that one of the them will occasionally send me a “Thought for the day”. Today I got this message:

“The best way to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.”



There are so many things I do not understand about you but I think I have finally realised why you love listening to bands perform covers. I think you like mouthing around the words and then tilting your head one way, when you are not really sure what the words are but mumble on anyway.


I am going to learn to play a musical instrument. I have decided that. Now the choice is between mouth organ, jaltaran or the harp.

I think I should choose the harp. Get myself some fake wings and then stick them onto my back and carry the harp around, preaching tales of non-violence, peace and love.

So apparently they are planning to ban the sale of marijuana to foreigners in Netherlands. I can’t quite decide whether it is a good thing or not. Part of  me says, yes its high time they stopped getting junkies from all over to piss and shit all over their beautiful cities.

But then part of me thinks that perhaps, just perhaps, this is a reflection of xenophobia.

Cant really say.


Mishti Dhoi. Dhoi. Dhoi Dhoi.

Say it with me: Mishti mishti mishti, dhoi dhoi dhoi

Chanted the bengali guru Swami Bob Biswas.


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One Response to Where I wonder what the thought of the day actually means

  1. That ‘thought’ really cracked me up. I’m sure people with no hands will take some serious offence. Seriously, Whattabitch.

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