Where the words are a bit muffled, almost as if they are being placed under a pillow upon which sits a stupid, fat, smiling dog

I can imagine that that would be a rather unpleasant way to die: being killed by a fat dog’s bum. Even as the dog continues to pant away, stupid grin on his face and drool slipping down his jowls.

I think it was the stoner dog meme which put that image in my head.

I don’t like all this meme business. It just seems another way in killing one’s attention span. You are immediately trying to condense thoughts and emotions into one single sentence. I also don’t like the fact that these images don’t really allow you to to imagine, to interpret the words in the way you want to.

I think I should start writing post cards. Will get me a nice ink pen and lots of shitty postcards and then send them to random people all over the place.

There is something so wonderful about postcards and stamps and letters which go from here to there and then there and there and there before finally reaching the hands of the person you wanted to send it to.

Almost as if the stamps were little engines or little machines pushing the letter onwards. Thin strips of glue and paper and ink combined to create an awesome mode of transportation. Or the worlds greatest cheerleaders. “Cmon Telephone bill, you can make it. Just two more blocks. C’mon”

I think all lifts should be those shutter kinds. The ones which you have to pull to the side and then step in (and then that shitty music starts blaring) and then you have to pull it back over, lean towards the dirty switches and press the correct floor. Then you can stare in front as you climb past floors, staring stupidly at the people on the other side of the cage.

I tried me some emu meat the other day (or at least that is what the menu said) and it was quite interesting. Definitely more meaty than chicken, so it had its own flavour despite the liberal use of spices. But it still did have some birdy-birdy type taste going for it. At the same time it did not seem as rich or fatty as mutton while allowing you to gnaw at the bone and be all carnivorous about it. Interesting. I would like to try an emu steak. And perhaps some bbq-ed emu as well. Grilled and slightly charred and just a hint of fat oozing from the flesh.

I wonder what humans would look like if they had tails. I don’t know whether I would want one. I mean sure when you are bored you can run around in circles chasing it and it would make an awesome napkin to wipe your hands on AND you could use it as a fake moustache for your passport photo but still…..I don’t know.

I read Gerald Durrel once again after a zillion years and I am quite sure that I did not get even half his humor the first time. The man is plenty funny and so is his family. He has lived his life. Like really lived it.

The word count is 537 for this one. And that is the way I am going to let it be.




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7 Responses to Where the words are a bit muffled, almost as if they are being placed under a pillow upon which sits a stupid, fat, smiling dog

  1. Oyi! I missed reading you!

  2. relativelytruthful says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    vicious dog youyou.

  4. kroswami says:

    @L&F: Oyi Oyi!

    @Dawg: Yup, saw it earlier. Might end up using it.

    @RTi: bugger off. choo

    @anonymous: bow. bow.

  5. Hitlers Moustache. says:

    Your ‘what if we had a tail’ bit is interesting. Got me into thinking….whether our tail would come into our way while attending natures call. One thing is certain….we wouldnt use toilet paper as much.

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