Where I am so funny………..well, I don’t know but I am.

So Fox and me are sitting in the hall and he is telling me to hurry the fuck up so that we can get something to eat.

And I am like “ya dude”, “relax dude” and then he shuts up for some time.

Then five minutes later, he looks at me and says “Dude are you ready?”

To which I say “I am not an Andhraite”.

Oh dear fukin lord man!!!!!!!!!


So Fox and me are walking back from the yummilicious dinner and he cracks this sorta lame joke and I don’t react.

And so we are walking and walking and then I suddenly ask him “dude did you fart?”

And he says “Nope”.

And I says “Oh that must have been your joke then.”


“ooo is ur appa now ramaswameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

oo, ooooh oooooooooh?



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