Clickety click

Dear Women,

When I take snap of you, why you make funny face? Why you ALL make same funny face?

Why you ALL show me your shoulder?

Hasn’t anyone told you how retarded it looks? So please fucking stop it.



Dear makers of Jon Carter,




Dear Owner of Cream Centre,

Those “nachos” rock. Seriously. All dripping with that deliciously fake melted “cheese” sauce thing and all crunchy yet moist with all ’em calories.

Fucking yummy.

And when I got the bill and saw that I had been charged with “World’s Best Nachos”…well I simply had to nod my head in acknowledgment.



I have been considering getting a dog for quite a while now. Am looking at beagles and boxers for the time being but then someone suggested just getting a mongrel and I thought  “Ya, that is a bit more like me” but then someone else told me that terriers make excellent chota house dogs and then someone is like get TWO dogs so that they can keep each other company. And then someone else is like who the fuck is going to take care of it and I was like I will think of something now don’t worry.

So I don’t know.

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5 Responses to Clickety click

  1. Jay says:

    Rescue a wandering puppy from the road, feed him/her and give him/her a warm bath, and you’d have gotten yourself the most loyal and unconditionally adoring creature on earth.

    Do remember that dogs get depressed if they have to stay alone most of the time – so two dogs isn’t a bad idea…

    If you want something that will grace you with looks of haughty derision but will be cleaner and less clingy than a pup, get a cat.

    And yup…those nachos are sooooo good….!

  2. I have two dogs! One is a Labrador and we adopted a mongrel to keep her company. Both are simply adorable… They’re not low maintenance but all that is nothing when compared to the affection they have for us…
    If you really are interested in adopting a mongrel or even an abandoned pedigree dog (those really need a home and are more often than not severely depressed and in dire need of love and care) contact Jeevraksha in Pune. I volunteer there sometimes. It is a shelter for stray and abandoned dogs and there are currently more than a dozen cute li’l puppies waiting for a home.

  3. boa constrictor. peaceable and foodloving animal.

  4. John Carter from Bashun. says:

    One word – ONION RINGS. 🙂

    • kroswami says:

      @Jay-z: that puppy sounds like me. No frikkin way I is getting a cat. No frikkin way.

      @L&F: lets see. am still unsure.

      @RTi: Considered that. Unfortunately there are a lot of little, tiny over-excited kids in the building..wait a minute….

      @Nutty Moustache: gahahahahahaha

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