Why are you at home?

Really. Why are you sitting at home?

Step out man. Hit the road. Flick a pair of keys and go somewhere. Anywhere. How the hell does it matter where.

Flag an old bus off the highway and get in and squeeze into that empty seat in the last row. There, the one by the window. Plonk your stuff onto your lap and stick your head out of the window. Feel the dirty, highway wind blow into your face.

Steal your friend’s bike for a day or two. Take off on those tiny, village roads and grin as the shade from those massive tress makes the road change its colour every now and then.

Walk to the nearby station and get into a train. General class. Grab the seat by the window if you can or sit on the steps if you want to. Let the breeze kiss you slowly as you swing across the railway tracks.

Get out man. Get out while you can.


I realised that I am happiest when I am on the move. For some time I thought I had lost that urge to travel, to see new things and just to be away.

I haven’t and I am so frikkin glad.


Its odd the things you choose to remember and the ones that don’t really stick in your head. For me, Lonavala was always about these big, black ants which would scurry here and there.

I did not see them this time and I am wondering where they went.

I did go to the Coopers and I did stuff my face with my fudge. Oh my good lord man, they have this walnut chocolate thing which is scrumptious. Crunchy and chocolatey but not too sweet but goddamit it man, it was freshly made and warm and a little bit gooey too. Yummy.



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3 Responses to Why are you at home?

  1. D says:

    I had that urge in college. I was always going somewhere. I think I’ve lost it now that I’m home. Meh. Depressing.

  2. Cooper’s Chocolate Walnut Fudge. It is manna from heaven masquerading as the humble fudge. Oh God, now I’ll have to drag myself to Lonavala to get some. You’re bad, that’s what you are! Oh and BTW, Lonavala is a sad place now. It was loads better 20 years ago…

    • kroswami says:

      @Dawg: “meh”??? really. “meh”. wow. I’m so old I need to refer to urban dictionary to understand shit! Now THAT is depressing.

      @L&F: Coopers is da real deal. Just finished one box. Have another three left!

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