Where the silence fills the ears, noiseless caterpillars boring into my skull

I don’t like caterpillars. I think they are really greedy bastards. It is something about all those hands/fingers/toes or whatever. And the way they are always crunching up and wriggling about. I don’t trust them either.


Two of the most important women in my life are making me think about things which I simply do not want to think about.

But they are and I am tired and I am beginning to feel old.

I does not like it.


I saw Moneyball and I don’t get what the big deal is. It is a pretty average movie, it has its moments of good writing but that really is about it. I dunno, some things just fly all over my head and all.

Like pigeons.


To notice how someone has changed their writing is to watch something beautiful. It is almost as if the words stand a little taller, their backs a little straighter and the curves of the letters are just a little bit sharper.

I had a grilled samosa cheese sandwich the other day. It was interesting but not as interesting as I thought it could get. Had solid potential but liquid execution.

In a variation of a joke which I am sure is as stale as Hannibal’s mask, someone said that I was “Sick. Sick. Sick” to which I replied that I was definitely not from Punjab.

I also ventured as far out as Andheri the other day. That is one craaayzaay suburb I says. I say no more.

They put the new 911 on BS Motoring’s Feb issue. I don’t think its worth it. I had a soft spot for the boxer (poor man’s porsche after all) but the 911 just don’t cut it for me no more. The older ones had class, the news ones….well not for me.

I am going to buy a boat. And then attach some wheels and tie it to a car. And then I am going to go boating in the traffic. Fishing rod in hand. I might even have a couple of oars in it. In case, I feel that I want to move.

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5 Responses to Where the silence fills the ears, noiseless caterpillars boring into my skull

  1. And I always thought nobody could MAKE you think stuff unless you wanted to. So maybe they aren’t the problem…

  2. Jay says:

    Finally, a post! I wondered where you’d disappeared.

    You know, I started writing something the other day (inspired by all the “aantel” around me) and after about a 1000 words, I realised that I was unconsciously mirroring your writing style!

    Creepy, huh?

    Damn it all, I just haven’t written in so long, I think I may have forgotten how!!

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