Where I let you know what my attitude towards life is like

Now pay close attention. Really. CLOSE ATTENTION. Is your nose-breath frosting up the screen?


Now back away.

The next time you are walking in urban india and a clutch of stray dogs start frantically barking at some other dog, pay CLOSE attention.

Right among the pack of strays leaping out and chasing the poor “foreign dog” will be this one lazy mothafucka who just puts on a show. This fucka will be the last one to stand up, do a very desultory “chase” consisting of a delicate jog and a few growls. He will also be the first to turn around and fall back onto the road, giving a giant yawn and then just flopping down.

That, ladies and gentlemen and you also, is my secret.



I am in Bhubneshwar right now. Which is odd cause I was in Cuttack yesterday and I just realised that I have never been to Cuttack. They have this dahi vada thing which is just super awesome. Its these delicate vadas which have been soaked in dahi and then they are placed in this leaf-bowl and smothered with this spicy aloo curry thing and some special sauce and then sweet imli chutney and then some onions and chillies and pudina and then covered with some bhujia.

I know it sounds real odd but my good lord man. Fucking brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.


I quite liked Cuttack actually. There is this road which is built along the river and people go there for a evening walk and its real quiet and peaceful and the tea-shacks there sell a cup of chai for three bucks.

Its been a while since I had chai for three bucks.

Been a while.



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5 Responses to Where I let you know what my attitude towards life is like

  1. Jay says:

    Boy, I envy you! Soooo much! When are you coming down to good ol’ Cal?

  2. Jazz says:

    Hey, I’m from Bhubaneswar, you reminded me of that amazing dahi vada they sell, been a while.. glad you liked the place.. 🙂

  3. arzkiya says:

    Yes yes. People from Cuttack are cool. Quite unlike Bengalurean prats who prance around in Mumbai.

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