Wait a minute. Do I LOOK like Shiney Ahuja

Super Bai to me: “Arre bhaiya, actually meine usse baat ki….par kya hai…..woh aane ko taiyyar nahi…aap akele hain na…..”

Fuck. And I thought discrimination only worked in one direction.

Fukin hell.


I learn a fair bit from the taxi drivers of this city. Actually I don’t take a cab that often (local zindabaad) and the BEST conductors are too busy chanting “chala aage chala” to have time to speak to me.

So, when I find a talkative cabbie I normally ask him as much as I can. The best one thus far has been a beautiful morning drive from the race course to matunga. The sun was just out and it was a beautiful day and we spoke about Marathi manoos and the Indo-Iran gas pipeline and Banaras and a lot many things. His hindi was so pure it was a delight to hear.

Today, I heard something which I thought was beautiful in its own way too. I normally start the conversation discussing the weather and the leather-skinned cabbie looks back and tells me “Thandi ki bhi zaroorat hain”

Fukin brilliant I thought. Just so fucking brilliant.


I received one of the funniest e-mails I have ever read in me delightful life. Funnnay funnay funnay. Oh it was so funny I had to clean the computer screen later.


I shall be taking a train ride soon. I can’t wait. It has been too long, my friend. It has been too long. Nearly three months in fact.

Oh those hard, hard beds and the gentle swinging and the beautifully satisfied little stations on the way.



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5 Responses to Wait a minute. Do I LOOK like Shiney Ahuja

  1. Arrey, taxi drivers are awesome. I once met a cabbie who insisted on playing ‘Duniya bananewale kya tere mann mein samai, kaahe ko duniya banai” all day long. He must have been super pissed at God.

  2. Sowmya says:

    But do you _look_ like Shiney Ahuja?

  3. relativelytruthful says:

    nope, do not look like shiney ahuja.

  4. Anonymous says:

    he is kinda cute. even with the whole-pervy-lil-cant-keep-hands-to self thing going….

    • kroswami says:

      @L&F: cabbies are interesting chaps

      @Sowmya: Nope. More like his alter-ego Shiney (head) A-huge-a Paunch.

      @RTi: ok. thanks. will revert.

      @Schlim: Err ok.

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