I think that means movie hall. Or movie. Or it could just be made up.

My French is not very good I am afraid.

I was reading this poem called blue bird and its written by this bukowski and I liked it a lot.

I suppose the beauty in words lies in the different reactions they can cause. Fear and loathing and revulsion and love and happiness and anger and all those things whose magic would disappear if we were to assign them names.

Apparently the medium/method used to write affect what is written. The long, flowing words of ink which flow onto a piece of paper are very different from the cold and impersonal words that are shoved down a keyboard.  They are different not only in shape and size and smell but in actual content as well.

It is a bit disconcerting to realise that the words which come out of your veins and through your hands are guided by things which you may not have even been aware of.

I want to make a radio show with made up personalities and tons of stupid jokes and a cranky RJ who, instead of being all cheery and boisterous, sits in the dark and mumbles something completely indecipherable every couple of minutes or so. My radio show would also have a talking krow with some serious attitude and an invisible bear with a lisp.

And it would have a sexually-confused autorickshaw driver and a midget with a really deep voice who has run away from the circus.

I think it would be a super duper hit.


There is finally going to be an indian movie which is based in calcutta (kahani). Cannot wait to see it.

I am really missing Calcutta right now. Perhaps it is because of the sudden cravings for momos or the fact that someone mentioned Tibetan Delight to me the other day or because I want to walk on those pummeled roads with the tram tracks running right through them and I want to stare at the beautiful houses and I want to hear the conductor slapping the sides of the bus and I want to taste the perfect jhaal mudi and I want to see the yellow taxis coughing and shivering in the cool, evening breeze.

I don’t know.

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9 Responses to Chitrahaar

  1. Anindita says:

    Read your post on Calcutta… Now I’m longing for the pan fried pork momos at Tibetan Delight and Blue Poppy!!

  2. I’d like to audition for the post of ‘Cranky RJ’. I’d do an awesome Monday morning show… Seriously.

  3. Anonymous says:

    loafer, do you think depression could be contagious?

    • kroswami says:

      @Nandy: ok

      @L&F: sorry, that post has already been taken. you could be the bear if you want

      @Anony: Yes. I think it is an STD.

  4. The bear huh? I don’t know, Kro. I’m ok with being invisible, but the lisping bit is difficult. Can’t we have a paranoid, morbid cockatoo instead? That would be fun!

  5. Anonymush says:

    i can lithp..and im willing to dump throyon if you let me be the invithible bear..pleathe pleathe pleathe

    • kroswami says:

      @L&F: Nope. the bear part is non-negotiable. and he has to be invisible coz there is going to be one scene where the bear is going to say “Nicthp to meet you” and the cranky RJ is going to say “Who the fuck just said that” and the bear is gonna say “Me, the invithible urthidae!”

      @Anonymush: you are willing to dump sroyon??? Wait, you mean the sroyon who writes at right? And you are willing to DUMP him? hmmmmm….interesting.

  6. Sonal says:

    You mean all yellow and smelly? Or leading to a long, drawn-out, and painful death?

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