Hey you! Ya you with all the hair

Let me make a couple of things clear.

FIRST: All bald men do not look alike. I don’t want to know how I look like your bald uncle or your bald teacher or bald friend. I don’t. Fact.

SECOND: All bald men do not look like homer simpson. So Fuck you and all your fucking “huh….doh!” jokes. Not fukin funny.

THIRD: You will never know what its like to have drops of water just run down your head and getting the towel all static-y after rubbing it on your head. So hah!

FOURTH: You will also never know what its like to rub your hand over your head and go back over your face without encountering more than a couple of mm of hair. So hah again!

FIFTH: Fuck you. Do I go around suggesting plastic surgery to you motherfucker? Why the fuck do you think I would be interested in Dr. Fucking Batra? huh? Do you really think I don’t know what hair weaving is? Do you motherfuka?

SIXTH: Piss of. Next “taklu” joke I hear, Im gonna yank out your pubes and stick it onto your eyebrows.

Mind it.


Due to the fact that my grandparents grew up in poverty, they place a really high value on not wasting things and this value is the greatest when it comes to food. We had always been taught never to waste food (not that I needed much prodding in that dept). Even now, when things are fairly comfortable, I make sure not to leave food on the plate when eating with them.Otherwise, there will be hell to pay.

Mind it.



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