Where I fall asleep during the late night show, painfully aware that the joints are not as green as they used to be

Fukin hell.

Ken ya believe it? Thought of going for a late night show and then walked out during the intermission. Too bloody sleepy. Plus the movie was a fucking liar liar movie. You know, the kind which draws you in with a cool sounding name and then dumps oogles of morals and shit on you?

Fucking machine gun preacher my ass saala.

But in the end it was okay cause the late movie meant that I caught two of my guggu buddies in faraway lands on skype and then we proceeded to do all sorts of indecent web-cam related things online.

It was fun.

I like how cheese can have so many different textures. Some which crumble under your tongue and some which are more chewy. And then there are the flaky, slightly harder ones which you can keep in your mouth and feel the flavors run down your throat. Of course, there is also that melted cheese which is slightly bubbly in nature, so that when you pull out the toast from the oven, there are these rich, gooey circles and when you bite, it burns the top of your mouth but still tastes so good.

Hey you, from Coimbatore! Ya you! Mind telling me what you doing here? Mind uh?

I wonder how words feel about auto-correct. Or those squiggly lines? You think the underlined words squirm in embarrassment even as the other, correct words point at them and laugh? Or do you think they are like malformed humans, just standing there with two hands on one side or something like that? I wonder if some of them try and resist auto-correct and go “Nooooooo you caaaaaaaaaannnnnnnt”, fighting till the last breath. I also wonder if some words like testing the writer’s patience so they will jump from one corner of the page to another.

I like to think that the words on top of a page are daredevils. Balancing so bravely at the very top. And then there are the words which continue onto the next page, separated by a hyphen. Those are the true lovers of the world of words, clinging to each other through thick and thin.

I wonder why nothingness is more easily associated with the colour white rather than the colour black.

My “friend” sent me this link, saying that he had found the perfect car for me. Now you know why the quotes were used.  Bastard.

I think all cartoon characters should die. Or grow old. Its not fair to delude kids with notions of immortality. That is what gods are for.


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4 Responses to Where I fall asleep during the late night show, painfully aware that the joints are not as green as they used to be

  1. Hey that’s a good car ok!
    And think about it, when you’ve finally bagged THE woman and had a kid or two, you can be a ‘Soccer Dad’!
    How awesome is that? 😛

  2. That’s great. Maybe she’s bagged THE man and you don’t know it yet!

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