Where even the great me does not know why this kolaveri

I admit it. I have no answers. If you are not from this planet then you probably have no clue what I am talking about. Hence:

I listen to it once before sleeping and once I have just woken up.


I swallowed a fly in the morning. Was yawning away to glory and then suddenly there was this “buzzP” sound. Yuck.

At least I could not feel it buzzing around in my throat.

Still. Pretty yuck. I just dont want to imagine it flying out of my bum thats all. Science tells me that that is impossible but still. Those scientific bastards were spewing a lot of nonsense not too long ago. Like milk is good for you and that exercise helps the brain and some shit like that.


Oh and I saw a pair of twins and that completely freaked the bejesus out of me. Cause they were wearing similar clothing but standing apart and I was a bit wonky in the head. So I kept swiveling my neck and looking at one and then turning around and looking at the other. Something in my head was telling me that it was just one person who could move really really fast.

Total mind fuck. Frikkin twins! They are the work of the devil. I am soo sure.


Something got me thinking about ghosts and I was wondering if the ghosts look like the human. And that got me thinking about how different the ghosts would look and there would be short ghosts and tall ghosts and if they get into fights with each other and try and what would happen if one of them tried to smack the other across the face.

I am going to go total junk food today!

There is going to be the sandwich, the bhel puri and the sev puri and I might have a sookha bhel and perhaps a couple of paani puris or a dabeli or two and then I will stuff my face with ragda pattis and some deliciously deep fried vada pavs (with the spicy garlic chutney) and then top it off with some bun muska and irani chai. I feel like I am forgetting something.

Hmm perhaps a cheese mysore masala dosa, some cut fruit to be healthy and a glass of sugarcane juice.



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7 Responses to Where even the great me does not know why this kolaveri

  1. Sroyon says:

    That was cruel.
    Also, how about the mega cheese sandwiches that those guys in Ballard Estate make?

  2. Arrey nahi. Try Parmesha’s at Fort. He makes this Gajar Halwa Sandwich or something which has jam, carrot and cheese. Totally mindblowing combo. His Bombay masala sandwich is just as good….
    Yes. you are cruel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Prophecy: Twins in your future.

    Would serve you right to have TWO sets of twins!

  4. Why this murderous rage aaaa?

    • kroswami says:

      @Sroyonian: Haven’t had the ones at Ballard Estate but there is this one chap near Fabindia in fort who makes THE BEST chilly cheese toast ever. I think he grates a cube and a half of cheese. And then some! A+ stuff really.

      @L&F 1: Thanks, will try it out sometime soon. Have heard that his names for the ‘wiches are also pretty funky.

      @Annon: First, I thought you meant “twins” in the Orgasmic Fantasy type of way so I was full grateful. Then I began to wonder…..

      @L&F 2: Cow-u cow-u holy cow-u

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