Where the words fall like obese raindrops, splat splat splat

Sumo-wrestler size raindrops. SPLOSH. SPLOSH!

Fairy-fart size raindrops. pin…pin….pin.

Microscopic raindrops. Dry up before they reach the earth.

I am pretty sure that if the raindrops were fat enough then the earth would shake every time one of the drops landed. And then the glass would shake and you would see the water in the glass quiver. Like that scene in Jurassic Park.

Ooooh Jurassic Park. “Look ma, little dinos!!! Awwww…..can I pet it? So pwetty! So cute.”

Nom-nom-nom nom.


I wonder why the gods were so confused with their attitudes towards caps and hats. Like in a church you can’t wear a hat, the forehead must be bare. Whereas in a gurudwara and/or mosque you gotta keep it covered.

Then when in front of royalty also you had to remove your hat. And tip it in case of women. Wtf saala.


I just finished reading palace of illusions. The thing I liked most about the book was the deliberate ambiguity with respect to magic and some of the more fantastic parts of the legend. At times there are attempts to rationally explain some of the events although at other times, the words are clearly based in fantasy.


Am downloading weeds. Am done with Its always sunny, Parks & Recreation and The Office. Dexter has gotten way too rambling and MadMen is stylish and all but nothing ever actually happens. I think I should also get Modern Family. It can be pretty funny.


I was right in the thick of things when a cousin of mine was “updating” me on all the gossip of her college. Good lord man! The scandals! Not only was I made privy to who was dating who and where the “it” couple was seen one day but I was also duly informed about this AWWWEESOME store somewhere in Bandra where you get the MOST AMAZING greek chappals (I forget the term she used but her description made it seem like what the people in 300 wore) and this chaatwaala who used to make YUMMMY paani puri but one day Ashiana (who lives right next door) went there and she fell sick and so we stopped going there after that and then did you know that Akshat nearly fell out of the local one day cause he is such a mad chap but I actually think he is cute but then he thinks no end of himself and that CRAZY maths professor once caught us talking and threw us out and I was like “what the hellya” but then Akshat said sorry and I said ok fine but don’t do that again ok?

I was so glad when the food arrived.


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4 Responses to Where the words fall like obese raindrops, splat splat splat

  1. If you like ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Modern Family’, you will also like ‘The Middle I’. Its hilarious. BTW, my better half has blocked Star World because it shows Modern Family. He thinks it has a negative influence on me… 😛

  2. Anonymous says:

    and i think you mean gladiators?

    • kroswami says:

      @L&F: Thanks, the middle aint too bad. modern family is funnier though. blocked star tv? who watches sitcom on the tv anymore?

      @Anony: Aren’t they the same thing? dude those leather things with tied shoelaces which nearly go up to the knee.

  3. I do! My laptop was donated very generously to my younger sister. I’m stuck with the idiot box now. Part of me thinks, it’s not the shows that bother hubby dearest. Its the way I laugh at the sickest jokes that seems to annoy him…

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