Where I am spotted in the sky, like a dalmatian with wings

I actually spent time on that post title. Mind it.

Often I feel my brain thirst for new words. A ravenous “thing” which just wants to read and read and explore the tiny mazes which only words can create, to taste the different flavors which writers cook up and to absorb all the different sounds and sights which burst out the pages. I can feel the desire to get lost in the world of words, take a deep plunge into the icy waters of the unknown and feel my breath sharpen and my eyes widen and take in the blackness and the bright lights and all the colours of the universe.

At other times, my head is like a slab of particularly emotionless stone.

How odd.


I have been gradually preparing myself for fame and have thus been studiously studying the people who are currently in the limelight. My initial difficulty was that I failed to understand what most of them said but after much hard work, perseverance and dedication I think I now have a rough idea.

Without much ado, I present The Translations or WHEN TO USE THE CLICHED LINE WHEN YOU ARE FAMOUS [Working Title]

1. “I am actually a really shy person. A lot of people mistake that for arrogance

Actual meaning: “I am GOD, now get on your knees”

When to be used : When the arrogance becomes public

2. “I like hanging out with my friends, they keep me really grounded.”

Actual meaning: “No one loves me no more, forced to hang out with ugggh normal citizens”

When to be used: When asked about conspicuous absence from pg-3 dos no more.

3. “I actually don’t think I am pretty/ I used to be really unpopular in school”

Actual meaning: ” I think I am a frikkin sex bomb/ Wait till I tell you what happened in college”

When to be used: Initial years of modelling, trying to build fan base with the fuglies.


I haven’t gotten too far though.

Oh I went to a circus! Whattey fun it was I says. The last I went to a circus was nearly seven years ago and I dont remember much of that at all.

I think I went there more out of some yearning for the past rather than anything else; an attempt to relive the memories which have become hazy through time. It is odd how some pictures in the mind’s album fade and blur while others remain untouched.

Anyway, the circus show was fine. There was an elephant and a horse and a couple of acrobats and women on cycles and an Ethiopian juggler and a bunch of people who were from “East Africa” but had this amazing energy in their acrobatics.

My dearest friend always had a thing for dark skin. She would tell me that she likes to see the contrast in the colours between hers and his. The darker, the better.

I am slowly finding myself fascinated with photography and the fact that it is all actually about light and the colours that I see through my own eyes are dependent on so many things that if just one of those things was to change than everything would.

I also saw the movie Blindness partly cause I had read the book ages ago and found the idea pretty cool and slightly scary. The movie is alright, a bit boring actually. Somehow it just does not seem as believable as the book. I also saw No Smoking which had its moments of brilliance. Towards the end though, it got a bit too artsy fartsy for me. But still, some of the scenes were just super duper.

Oh and it had Ayesha Takia. The woman! I like her cause there is so much woman about her to like. If she had been British and could make toast, no one would have given a fuck about Nigella. Trust me.

A friend of mine had a giant poster of Takia pasted on the back of his room door. Angled so that he could look at it as he lay on his hostel bed. He had begun to venture into the details but by this time the food arrived. And the bride and bridegroom began to munch slowly, even as the other guests listlessly poked at their food.


I think my favourite scenes in Tom and Jerry were the ones where Tom would make these elaborate plans which would fuck up at the last possible moment. Like all Jerry would have to do is try and pick up the cheese and the cheese would be connected to a string which would be connected to a ladder and then a toaster and then a switch which would turn on the fan which would push the sail boat over the water………..

Whoever came up with those was a genius.

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6 Responses to Where I am spotted in the sky, like a dalmatian with wings

  1. nice one . ayesha takia — perfect choice, so damn complete woman like

  2. I’m not famous but I still use cliched line No. 3. Sometimes. Oh and I like Takia too. She used to host Disney Hours/Disney time with Vishal Malhotra. Good times…

    • kroswami says:

      @Hungry Ape: true.

      @Aditi: Hmmm, I dont think it would be cliched if you are not famous. You have to be completely insincere for it to work!

  3. sonal says:

    I think I went to the same circus, they set up in Yelehanka New Town of all places. Was it called ‘African Circus’ and did the ‘africans’ come out in fatigues and vests and do pelvic thrusts to ‘Brazil’?

    • kroswami says:

      Nopes. It was called Rambo Circus but there was a fair amount of pelvic thrusting. Not to the tune of “brazil” though…are you sure it was a “circus”??

  4. sonal says:

    My description ought to arouse the skeptic in each of us about the truth pertaining to the nature of that show, no? Maybe they just changed the name for the edgier people of your city, in my town we were very happy with ‘African Circus’.

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