No taacheeng, no keesing. Only seeeng only seeng

What a song man. Super duper. Actually it is not the best song in the film, that is reserved for “Madhushaala”. And I actually mean it. It has this superb fusion of genres with each genre firmly marking its territory so it comes across like a moving image from one extreme end of the earth to another. Jarring and yet strangely pleasing to the ear.

Or two completely different people being put together in the same room and forced to speak to each other. Wait, I think that was the plot line for the movie Saw.

Hmmm, that made a lot of sense in my head.

Like these two different species fighting each other or two opposite colors driving into each other at top speed. SPAACK. I wonder if colors talk to each other or if they have their own personalities. You know, like red is always horny and dangerous and blue’s grandfather fucked so many women that now there are a million shades of the original color roaming the world.

Fuck, a planet of colors. Pleasant Orange going to work in suspenders and edgy Purple cutting class to smoke outside the school wall.

I wonder if the human mind can ever be like the piss that comes out when you have drunk a lot of water: transparent with no hint of color.

A lot of the times that is how I feel about certain things. That they are actually transparent and its my mind which plucks out a palette from somewhere and paints the colours into the object. Gives the object some personality.

Ok this is getting too obtuse. Or, like Anne Hathaway, too a-cute.

(I am gonna take a moment to recover from the manic laughter and snorts erupting from my nose)

Who the fuck calls an angle acute. I mean seriously. Fuckin horny geometric-ists or whatever.

Anyway, where was I?

No really, where was I? Sometimes, these thoughts of mine are like a giant dog which is just DYING to pee and is pulled by a tiny three year. If I ever have the chance, I would find a tiny kid, make it wear skates and hand it the leash of some racing dog. Just to see what would happen.

In news that does matter (at least to me) I found an amazing woman who wrote this absolutely gorgeous book. It has to be one of the funniest things I have read in a long, long time. Naice. Vaary naice.


Look up. Now look down. And shake it all around. Do the boogie woogie.

There are quite a few words which can lighten the atmosphere in any situation and “boogie woogie” is one of them.

You stuck in a jail and you cant reach no one…dooooo the boogie woogie

You just got busted with a tola of hash…..doo the booogie woogie

And that’s what its all about.

I am still not sure whether I like songs with easy dance moves. So that every time the superhit gaana is played in the disc, everyone breaks into the same step.

Yup, the verdict is out on that one.

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7 Responses to No taacheeng, no keesing. Only seeeng only seeng

  1. So, I just ‘discovered’ you and I must say, you write really well…
    I’ve been reading all your old posts at work since I don’t have much to do lately and it’s cracking me up every now and then. People are beginning to think I’m demented, when I suddenly guffaw loudly at the computer screen. kwahahahhaha…

  2. 🙂 Oh and FYI, I’m enrolled in the bar council too…
    Crazy coincidence. I’m not into litigation though. Corporate job. Legal Officer or whatever they choose to call me… Couldn’t care less.

    • kroswami says:

      Hmmm I always thought that you corp fellows were majorly into designation and having the correct words printed on the visiting card.

  3. I wanted to be a defence lawyer in Mumbai…

  4. Of course I can. But there’s so much clutter in the way… I’m just 25 though, things could change…

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